11 Reasons Why People are Buying Tap

Everyday, dedicated traditional keyboard & mouse users are switching their allegiance to the ‘new kid on the block’ – Tap.

We dug a little deeper into why everyone loves the new, all-in-one user interface.

1. The Want to Feel Like Tom Cruise in Minority Report

I remember having the most profound sense of wonder watching Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report control his computer using just his hands. Now this seemingly magical feat is a reality with Tap. Tap lets you control complex applications with simple finger inputs on any surface and at any angle – talk about futuristic.

2. They want to easily search on a SmartTV and VR

There’s a certain amount of frustration that comes from trying to search for something using a crummy controller. Everyone who’s ever used a SmartTV is familiar with how annoying it can be to try and use the remote to type in a title – clicking nonstop to get from letter to letter, space and delete.. It takes forever to find that show or movie you are looking for.

To make matters worse – now that we have personal virtual reality systems, why are we forced to type using shaky controllers and a digital keyboard we need to stare at?! No thank you. With Tap however, you can pair your device to your TV or VR headset and simply use your fingers to type instead of relying on cumbersome and painfully slow methods.

3. They want to input the same way on their computers, phones and tablets

Operating most new modern devices can be so confusing – some will only run on a specific OS, some require software subscriptions, and some only pair with a dedicated, expensive adaptor that only works with 1 device. Since Tap works with every bluetooth enabled device that accepts HID input, users don’t need to adjust or adapt to different keyboard sizes or different input methods – making every device simple to use whether stationary or on the go.

4. They want to use custom shortcuts to control different applications

Since Tap is fully customizable, you can tailor it for your exact needs. For example, let’s say I wanted to create a new layer in Photoshop: instead of pressing shift+control+N, I can simply tap my pointer finger and get started. Not only is this significantly easier, it doesn’t disrupt my workflow by forcing me to search for key-binds. Tap can be customized to any combination of key presses and modifiers that work in any application that accepts HID input. Talk about convenience!

5. They want to WOW and impress their friends

Imagine the look on your friends face when you put on your Tap keyboard – not only will they be super jealous of the sleek and technical design, you can surprise them by controlling your phone from across the room, search on your TV, play some music, or virtually anything else. One thing is for sure, they will all beg you to let you try it next. Gaining “cool points” with your friends and relatives has never been easier!

6. They want to game like superhero

Tap has enhanced gameplay for children, teens and adults alike, giving them total control and superiority over their opponents.
With Tap – you can rebind your spells, attacks, movements, or even inventory items. Tap allows you to play your way using accurate and simple finger commands (you’ll never miss a move in the heat of battle again). Not to mention the insane connection you’ll feel to your characters when you super power them using simple ‘god-like’ finger taps to control them.

7. They want to prevent wrist injuries

Tap’s unique design is the only typing tool on the market that fully eliminates strain to the median nerve. This nerve runs from your forearm all the way through a passageway in your wrist (aka your carpal tunnel) to your hand, and provides most motor function in your fingers. Traditional keyboards cause stress and strain to this nerve, which is linked closely to RSI and other typing injuries. Using Tap can fully eliminate strain and also allow you to type in a variety of positions comfortable to your body.

8. They want to use the latest technology and not a method that is almost 150 years old

Did you know QWERTY was invented in 1874 for the typewriter? The layout was intentionally designed to be inefficient because if you typed too fast, the keys would jam.
Fast forward to today, when we have taken this purposely difficult layout and applied it everywhere, from desktops to laptops to a tiny phone screen or into virtual reality displays – what a pain!
With Tap, letters are arranged into logical letter pairings that are grouped by commonality and frequency of use. The entire Tap alphabet takes only 90 minutes to learn, making it the fastest and most intuitive layout out there!

9. Tap is incredibly comfortable – seriously!

Made of buttery-soft, TPU material, Tap was designed as to be super comfortable for all day wear. Each ring is expandable, accommodating virtually all hand sizes from children 7+ to adults. The sleek nylon chording allows you to have a full range of motion, so you will feel inhibited by your Tap

10. Tap is risk-free to purchase

Tap takes the risk out of buying wearable keyboards online with free shipping and a 30 day return policy. If you decide the Tap isn’t for you, you can ship it right back to us for a full refund.

11. Simply put – tap is the most awesome all-in-one super controller!

Tap makes for an amazing, futuristic input device that is equal at home, on the road, at the office, or at the bar. Thousands of customers – from first-timers to Touch Typing experts – have switched their QWERTY keyboard for Tap. Why not do the same?

Looking to try the Tap Strap for yourself?

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