1. Tap Strap 2 turns your iPad into a fully featured Portable Work Station

Tap is small enough to grab and go, making it a powerful companion to your iPad. Use simple gestures to activate apps, mouse movements for accurate control, and the full keyboard to input text. With Tap and your iPad you can take a full workstation with you anywhere!

The Built in AirMouse lets you control your iPad from anywhere The Tap 2 AirMouse lets you move your cursor, click and scroll, even when you don’t have a surface to mouse on. You can control your iPad from over 30 feet away with just a wave of your hand. You can read, scroll, launch apps, just with a wave of your hand.

2. Air Gesture Control lets you activate media without having to touch your screen

Tap 2 let’s you activate media, play and pause songs, skip forward and backwards; all with intuitive hand movements. It’s easy and convenient, and means you won’t have to leave the dancefloor to replay your favorite song or get up from your couch to swipe through your vacation photos.

3. Type using any surface, in any position, anywhere

At its core, Tap is a wearable, one-handed keyboard that can be used on most surfaces and at any angle. You can type at your standing desk, while commuting on the bus, or even on your favorite couch cushion. Tap is also ergonomic to your body, allowing you to type in any position that is comfortable for you.

4. Quick Plug-In-Play Activation (no software)

Your iPad will recognize Tap as an external keyboard and mouse, so all you have to do it pair it via bluetooth and start tapping! There are no mandatory downloads or intrusive software permissions – and we will never ask for access to your data (unlike other 3rd party keyboards).

5. Precision mouse with you at all times

Tap’s optical mouse is accurate, compact and works on most surfaces, including your own body. At 1,000 DPI, it is virtually as precise as the Apple Magic Mouse, and in a much smaller package. Tap’s mouse also works with non-iOS devices including laptops, PCs, VR headsets and smartTVs.

6. Take the perfect selfie, Shoot the most accurate video

Ever struggled to frame your selfie just right? What about to take a group photo without someone getting cut off? Tap Strap 2 comes with a selfie command so you can set your iPad up and snap away! You can also start and stop filming remotely so you will never miss the perfect scene.

7. Commute light, literally – all-in-one peripheral for your smart screen

Tap allows you control all aspects of your iPad: texting, mousing, swiping, activating shortcuts and controlling apps. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack or purse, and powerful enough to replace bulky external keyboards, clickers, and other input devices. Tap Strap 2 gives you complete freedom from your old peripherals.

8. All Day Battery Life (No cords or Outlets to Tie You Down)

Tap Strap 2 has a 10 hour battery life when using and a 10 day standby battery. It’s protective case doubles as an external battery that charges your Tap 8 times before needing to be plugged in. With just your Tap and your case you can have over 80 hours of use before needing to find an outlet and recharge. No more fighting over power cords

9. Input discreetly – text secretly & keep your friends guessing how you did that

Since the Tap Strap 2 relies on touch to control your iPad, it becomes a completely eyes-free way to text. You can send messages from across the room and without looking to impress your friends or even trick them into thinking you’re a magician!

10. Works with your iPhone, Apple TV & Mac too

Tap isn’t just limited to the iPad. It works with any Bluetooth device that supports BLE. With its unique multi-pair feature, you can instantly swap between up to three previously paired devices allowing you to text on your phone, cue up your favorite show on your TV and then send a quick email all with one hand and one Tap Strap.

11. Ergonomic input – to keep your body at its best

Tap Strap 2’s unique ability to be usable at any angle makes it a natural and ergonomic solution to typing. It can be used in a sitting, standing, or even lying down position. The motion of tapping also removes stress from the median nerve which is associated with RSI and other typing injuries.

12. Fully customizable for enhanced comfort and productivity

You can customize Tap Strap 2 to include macros, keybinds, and other functions for increased efficiency. Instead of hitting ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste in your editing app, you can just tap your finger.

13. Risk free purchase – 30 day returns & 12 month warranty

We believe in Tap Strap 2 and are so confident you will love it we offer a 30 day trial period and a 12 month warranty included in your purchase – no hidden costs or sneaky upsells. We also have real, human support 7 days a week should you need any help.

14. Inspire, don’t follow

Tap is an incredible, futuristic, and intuitive new way to input into your iPad and other devices without being tethered to your technology. Try it today and see how it feels to be a leader in innovative tech.

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