15 Reasons Why
People are Buying Tap

Everyday, thousands of dedicated traditional keyboard & mouse users are switching their allegiance to the ‘new kid on the block’ – Tap.  We dug a little deeper into why everyone loves the new, all-in-one super controller.

1. Feel Like Tom Cruise in Minority Report

I remember having the most profound sense of wonder watching Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report control his computer using just his hands. Now I can do this seemingly magical feat just by using Tap. Tap lets me control complex applications with simple finger inputs on any surface and at any angle – this technology is amazing!

2. Input in Tight Spaces

There have been so many hours that I have contorted my body so that I could type on my laptop or phone when I’m commuting or traveling by airplane.  With Tap, no matter how I’m sitting or standing, I can always find a relaxed, comfortable position to do my work. Now I get more done when I’m on the move, and arrive feeling great – no more tying myself into a pretzel.

3. Stand Tall

I don’t know about you, but I spend a good part of my work day behind a desk, working on my computer.   Over the years, my back and neck have started to pay the price. Now, with Tap, I am no longer hunching over my keyboard – I am standing tall and tapping away without having to compromise my posture at all. Even when I sit, I never have to lean forward to reach my keys and then strain my neck to see my screen.

4. Wear Your Mouse

The average person moves their hand from their keyboard to their mouse over 2,000 times per day.  If it takes only one second each time you go back and forth, you are going to spend about 30 minutes every day just moving your hand back and forth.  Well, not me. My Tap has a built in mouse. All I have to do is place my hand down or lift it up, and my Tap does the switching.

5. Free Your Eyes and Stay in the Action

Some of us have gone through the long, painstaking process of learning to touch type, but many more of us use some type of hunt and peck input method.  For those of us who can type without looking, this skill disappears when we have to write on our phones and tablets.

With Tap, you can write without looking – on any device!  For me, this is a real feeling of freedom. I can take notes in my meetings without breaking eye-contact with the people around me. I can tap while I’m on the move and have to keep my attention on what is going on around me!  And learning to tap takes a small fraction of the time that it takes to learn to type on a keyboard – total practice time to become proficient is just a few hours.

6. Turbocharge Your Presentations

I see a lot of powerpoint presentations, and to tell you the truth, they all seem to blend together sometimes.  But when I use my Tap to control my presentations, everyone in the room is paying attention – they all want to see what I’ll do next.  Not only does Tap allow me the freedom to present from anywhere in the room, but with the power of a full keyboard at my command, I can do things with my slides that I never could do before.  I can seamlessly move from my presentation to other applications with just the tap of a finger. I can re-order my slides on the fly, or trigger my animations in creative ways. And if I want to point, my mouse is right there on my hand.

7. Easily Search on A SmartTV & in VR

There’s a certain amount of frustration that comes from trying to search for something using a crummy controller. Everyone who’s ever used a SmartTV is familiar with how annoying it can be to try and use the remote to type in a title – clicking nonstop to get from letter to letter, space and delete. It takes forever to find that show or movie you are looking for.

To make matters worse – now that we have personal virtual reality systems, why are we forced to type using shaky controllers and a digital keyboard we need to stare at?! No thank you. With Tap however, I just pair to my TV or VR headset and simply use fingers to type instead of relying on cumbersome and painfully slow methods.

8. Make Custom Shortcuts for Your Applications

Since Tap is fully customizable, I can tailor it for my exact needs. For example, let’s say I wanted to create a new layer in Photoshop: instead of pressing shift+control+N, I can simply tap my pointer finger and get started. Not only is this significantly easier, it doesn’t disrupt my workflow by forcing me to search for key-binds. Tap can be customized to any combination of key presses and modifiers that work in any application that accepts HID input. Talk about convenience!

9. Game Like A Pro

Tap has enhanced gameplay for children, teens and adults alike, giving them total control and superiority over their opponents.

With Tap – you can rebind your spells, attacks, movements, or even inventory items. Tap allows you to play your way using accurate and simple finger commands (you’ll never miss a move in the heat of battle again). Not to mention the insane connection you’ll feel to your characters when you super power them using simple ‘god-like’ finger taps to control them.

10. Turn Your Tablet Into A PC

I’ve been using Windows tablets for years now so that I can use it for serious work when I’m on the move.  But by the time I have to bring my external keyboard and stylus – or use the miserable little trackpad, it wasn’t that convenient and I didn’t get that much done in the end.  All of that has now changed. I can do everything that I do at my desktop PC just with my tablet and my Tap! I can edit documents and spreadsheets, prepare presentations – even edit videos – just by tapping!

11. Prevent Wrist Injuries

Tap’s unique design is the only typing tool on the market that fully eliminates strain to the median nerve. This nerve runs from your forearm all the way through a passageway in your wrist (aka your carpal tunnel) to your hand, and provides most motor function in your fingers. Traditional keyboards cause stress and strain to this nerve, which is linked closely to RSI and other typing injuries. Using Tap can fully eliminate strain and also allow you to type in a variety of positions comfortable to your body.

12. Get Your Kids Typing the Healthy Way

Kids LOVE tapping, and they learn to do it really fast.  It may be too late for my generation – we grew up with the old QWERTY keyboards and will have to suffer the posture problems that we got along the way.  But my kids don’t have to develop those neck, back and shoulder pains like we did. For them, learning to tap is much easier and more natural than learning how to use a keyboard. They are having so much fun with Tap that they don’t even realize that they are learning instead of playing.  My only problem is getting my Tap away from them so that I can use it.

13. Tap is Incredibly Comfortable — Seriously!

Made of buttery-soft, TPU material, Tap was designed as to be super comfortable for all day wear. Each ring is expandable, accommodating virtually all hand sizes from children 7+ to adults. The sleek nylon chording allows you to have a full range of motion, so you will never feel inhibited by your Tap

14. Tap is Risk Free to Purchase

Tap takes the risk out of buying wearable technology online with free shipping and a 30 day return policy. If you decide the Tap isn’t for you, you can ship it right back to us for a full refund.

15. Experience the Future

Tap is an amazing, futuristic input device that is equally powerful at home, on the road, at the office, or at the bar. Whether you use it as a keyboard, mouse or controller – whether you want to use the Tap Alphabet or create your own custom commands – Tap lets you explore endless possibilities.

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