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Welcome to Tap™, the communications platform of the future! Tap™ is a one-handed, Bluetooth-wearable virtual keyboard that that transmits to your device by simply tapping your fingers on any surface. With Ta™p, your fingers become the key to communicating with the world by associating tapping combinations with each letter of the alphabet; all distinct, unique and easy to learn.

Tap™ technology was developed to enable seamless communication and meet the changing input needs of individuals in the age of wearables, virtual reality, augmented reality and other on-the- go (mobile) technologies.

Anyone who has immersed him/herself, for even the shortest amount of time in either an AR or VR experience is aware of the limitations of the traditional keyboard to navigate this new technology. Likewise, owners of smartwatches far and wide can attest to the impracticability of using the tiny buttons on the tiny screen to send even the shortest email.

We believe that Tap™ will replace outdated data input methods including the traditional keyboard and voice communication modes. We designed Tap™ to take full advantage of the dexterity and ergonomics of the human hand to convey letters, punctuation and symbols in an effortless manner as possible.

In order to extract the full benefits of Tap™ as the communication method of the future, we hope to kick-start an ecosystem of users, developers, compliant devices and device makers to drive future trial and adoption.

The first public trial and beta testing of Tap™ will shortly begin in Silicon Valley where a public collaborative effort will bear out the benefits and real life use cases of the Tap™ messaging capabilities.
More widespread availability of Tap™ is expected before the end of 2016.

The company, Tap™ Systems, will also begin large scale outreach to software developers with the goal of inviting their participation in the Tap™ revolution. To that end, Tap™ Systems will introduce a software development kit (SDK) for Tap™ integration and make it readily available to developers. Ultimately, we hope that the introduction and dissemination of the SDK will increase consumer value by creating diverse Tap™ use cases.

The Tap™ “blueprint” will also be made available to OEMs for integration into their existing and future product lines including wearables and other innovations.

We are convinced that Tap™ is the glue that will ultimately enable and further current trends in technology including wearables, AR and VR through a unified language and system for data input.

We hope you agree!

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