Woman's hand with pink manicure and black tap on the arm of a chair

Welcome to TAP

Welcome to Tap, the Bluetooth-enabled wearable that integrates with your world, replacing the need for a keyboard.

Tap means freedom, and functions like a virtual keyboard and trackpad— communicating with your device when you tap on any surface. The Tap is worn on a single hand like a lightweight fingerless glove, and offers a seamless experience that makes things like texting, browsing the web, and even gameplay easier.

It takes users less than an hour to learn to tap using the TapGenius app. The TapGenius learning system breaks down the alphabet into eight easy to remember “tap-sets.” The app combines musical and visual mnemonic tutorials for each set as well as engaging game-play. Tap also provides an auditory learning system, TapAloud, for visually disabled tappers.

We developed Tap technology to meet your ever-changing needs in the age of wearables, virtual reality, and mobile tech. If you’ve ever been annoyed by texting mistakes, or felt restricted by your keyboard while dabbling in AR or VR— then you know what we’re getting at.

Tap was designed with human dexterity and best-practice ergonomics in mind, to ensure that tapping combinations can be employed as effortlessly as possible.

We’re excited to join the wearable space and hope to ignite an ecosystem of users, developers, compliant devices and device makers to drive future innovation.

We believe that advanced tech should conform to your parameters— not the other way around. Welcome to a tactile experience that doesn’t set any boundaries.