Reach 30 Words Per Minute In 30 Days
Or Get Your Money Back. Guaranteed.


To qualify for your money back guarantee you must complete the following steps:

  1. You have 45 days to complete these steps and claim your refund from the moment your package is marked as delivered based on the tracking link we will send you with your order shipping date.
  2. You must return your Tap in its original box with original case, micro usb charging cable and quick start guide.
  3. You must have purchased your Tap through this website:
  4. You must have completed the TapGenius Training (about 90 minutes)
  5. You must have completed the full 30 day TapAcademy training
  6. You must submit a video of your completion of the 30 TapAcademy Training and your Words Per Minute Score
  7. Your WPM Score at the end of the 30 day TapAcademy training must be lower than or equal to 29 Words Per Minute