How Does AirMouse Work?

Inside the thumb unit of the Tap Strap 2 is an IMU device that allows the Tap to track the positioning of your Tap. This works in conjunction with the existing accelerometers to register what gestures you are making and sending those commands to the paired device.

Can I Control Music and TV Apps with AirMouse?


Media Controller Gestures:
Play/Pause = One finger swipe left
Next = Two finger swipe right
Previous = Two fingers swipe left
Volume up = One finger swipe up
Volume down = One finger swipe down

Smart TV Gestures:
Enter = One finger swipe left
Go back = One finger swipe right
Navigate Right = Two fingers swipe right
Navigate Left = Two fingers swipe left
Navigate up = Two fingers swipe up
Navigate down = Two fingers swipe down

How Do I Center My AirMouse Cursor?

You can center the mouse by moving tilting your hand until the cursor moves to one of the edges of the screen, and then move your finger until it is pointing to the cursor.Then point your finger to the center of the screen, and the cursor will follow.

What Are Some Tips for Accurate Swiping?

Here are a few tips for the most accurate air mousing:

  • Move your WRIST when you swipe, not just your finger.
  • For One finger Swipes, make sure that you bend the other fingers at the KNUCKLE.
  • Don’t tilt your hand while swiping.
  • Point by tilting your hand and finger, not by moving your arm.