Eyes Free

Using the Tap you can create text without looking at your fingers or screen – for a fully immersive experience. Our innovative tapping method for input removes the need to hold a phone or tablet to text, use your favorite apps, or play games. Not even QWERTY users who type every day can say they don’t need to look at their keyboard.

Whether you are at a concert and enjoying the experience, or in a virtual world, Tap helps you participate in your environment without being trapped by a device. With Tap, you’ll never miss a beat again.


Mobile phones are tough to text with when walking, traveling, or with one hand – and if you have fat fingers, your accuracy is very limited. Voice text is unreliable and your data is not always private from corporations or people who may be eavesdropping on your conversations.

Tap is on the go, discrete, fits in your pocket, and lasts for over 8 hours of use on a single charge. It’s a full keyboard and mouse that takes up less space than your phone.

Tap communicates via Bluetooth to your AR/VR headset, phone, laptop, tablet, and other smart devices.

Single Handed

Tap is one-handed. With it, you can have complete freedom to fully use your other hand. Tap creates text each time you tap your fingers on any surface. There are different fingers tapping combinations for letters, numbers, and symbols. The easiest taps are assigned to the most frequent letters, for example, tapping your thumb will type the letter A. Using our fun learning app, TapGenius, our intuitive alphabet takes most people less than 2 hours to master.

Tap is a multitasker’s dream. You can draft an email while at the gym, text without spilling your coffee, or just use your devices without limitations.