Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse

Reduce wrist pain associated with using old fashioned keyboards & mice

Wearable Keyboard & Mouse

There is more and more evidence that sitting all day can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and a surplus of back, neck and wrist pains. While standing desks are a great way to stay engaged and healthy, you still have to hunch over to type on your computers or stare at screens. Not to mention the awkward positioning of laptop or other built in keyboards for your poor wrists.

Tap is the only truly ergonomic solution that enables you type in a position comfortable to your body.

Wireless, Bluetooth Enabled Input Device

Tap allows you to work and play in a position that is comfortable and natural for you body.

Tap’s innovative and ergonomic design takes stress off your wrist while reducing unnecessary motion. You can type laying down, standing, on a plane, or in any other on-the-go situation with comfort and ease – you can even type vertically on a wall or other angled surface.

To type with the Tap, you naturally elevate your wrist, reducing stress on the median nerve and other pain points. With just a little practice, you’ll be tapping in no time! It’s also one-handed, making it perfect for letting your tired hands relax.

Key Features

+ Input in any position – sitting, standing, lying, slouching, etc
+ Use any surface – tables, chairs, sofa, desk, wall, etc
+ Input with your right or left hand
+ Tap in any angle
+ Works in any language
+ Using light finger taps instead of strong key presses reduces pressure
+ Connects to any Bluetooth 4.0+ enabled device
+ Fully Personalized Input Layout

System Requirements

Tap works on any Bluetooth enable device (V4.0 and later). The Tap Apps and Games are compatible with iOS, and Android mobile devices. It works with Windows 8 and above as well as Linux OS. Tap will also connect with any other Bluetooth enabled device that accepts an external keyboard and mouse such as your VR headset, smartTV or smart watch.

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