Video begins with animation of Tap Strap Case opening and Tap Strap floating above it with copy: This is Tap. The keyboard of the future. Next frame shows person tapping while text is being displayed in bubbles and subtitle reads: Tap Creates text each time you tap your fingers on any surface. Scene then cuts to girl tapping on boyfriends chest with subtitle reading Or any keyboard at all. Next frame cuts to person tapping on thigh and then chest. Next frame reads, Instead you create letters by tapping one or more fingers on a surface while showing letters appearing on a tablet. Next frame has an Ipad with TapGenius game playing and person’s hand tapping next to it. Next frame subtitle reads: The TapGenius game makes learning the Tap Alphabet fast, fun, and easy. You can learn it in an hour or two. Next scene shows girls laughing at coffee shop with subtitle: most people are amazed at how quickly they learn the tap combinations and it cuts to under the table showing pretty girl tapping on thigh. Next frame shows hand tapping very fast next to Ipad with subtitle: The more you do it, the faster you will become. Next scene shows hand gliding on table with subtitle: Tap is also a mouse which moves your cursor when you glide your thumb. Then cuts to screen showing mouse moving on screen. Next scene shows hand with Tap controlling apps on iPad and then game on iPad. Subtitle reads: Tap can also control apps or play games. Next scene shows professional looking man tapping on arm wearing augmented reality glasses and seeing a three-dimensional building outline projected in the air. Subtitle: Tappers are coming up with new customizations and uses every day. Ends with triple split screen showing happy people and subtitle reads: Show us what you can do…..