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Charge up your Tap, turn it on and pair it with your Bluetooth enabled device and you are ready to tap.

Tap is charged via a standard micro USB cable. It takes 3 hours to fully charge your Tap from empty.

You can learn to Tap in around an hour by using the TapGenius Game, available on the iOS App Store.

It takes most users about one hour of playing the TapGenius Game.


You may only pair to one device at a time.


You can Tap for up to four hours or be in standby for 72 hours with one charge.

Tap works with any device which support Bluetooth Keyboards.  This includes iOS and Android phones and tablets, and Mac and Windows PCs, and most smart TVs.

Just tap your fingers in a way that feels natural to you. For best results, keep your hand relaxed and your fingers slightly curved.

Make sure that your Tap is upright (the finger sensor marks should go on the tops of your fingers).
Slide your fingers into the finger holes until the Tap is close to your knuckles.

Tap works equally well on either hand. We recommend that first-time Tappers wear their Tap Devices on their dominant hand when learning.

Turn Tap on by putting it on your hand and gently tapping your fingers on a flat surface twice. Turn Tap off by tapping your ring finger three times. Your Tap will also turn off automatically if you do not Tap for three minutes

No. Tap is designed to work best for soft Tapping.

Yes, there is a large, medium and small size.

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