“Using Tap I can Type at 70 Words Per Minute Using Only One Hand!” – Mike, Los Angeles

“Using Tap with my Tablet has become my preferred portable workstation setup.” – Ruth, Berlin

I kept seeing Tap ads all over the place and was really interested in it. My curiosity got the better of me, so I picked one up and WOW am I happy. I am most impressed by the learning system, which makes it hard to put Tap down.

Johann / Munich

There’s no good way to describe how fun and futuristic is feels to put on Tap and start controlling my phone or TV. I feel like a character from a science fiction movie!

Clark / Montreal

Tap is amazing! You guys have created an amazing piece of tech that will forever change how one interacts with their phone. Tap could also be a revolutionary device for those with disabilities… as someone who struggles to type, I am beyond excited for Tap

Lea / California

My daughter and I both learned the whole alphanumeric sequence in under two hours. Granted, we need to pick up speed, but that’s what practice does. We love our TAPs and use them every chance we get!

Susan / Iowa

I bought Tap as a texting solution in vr and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a wonderful edition to my setup and wearing it does not interfere with holding the controllers. It definitely makes the experience that much better!

Hiryuki / Japan

I love this so much I have already ordered 3 more.
It is so much fun to learn and fantastic to use.
My favorite gadget of 2019.

Ahmet / Istanbul

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