Invest in Tap Systems, Inc.

Tap is Revolutionizing a 150 Year Old Industry and Paving the Way for Wide Adoption of Augmented Reality

Investing in Tap Systems is a rare opportunity to participate in a fundamental advance in input technology which addresses an enormous potential market.

“Tap promises a future where a device doesn’t command our attention, it enables it.”

Patricio Robles. Programmable Web

A man plays Minecraft on his computer using his Tap strap keyboard and mouse
a man uses tapalphabet to type on his leg

“Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, might be proud..”

Leif Johnson. MacWorld

“For Tap, the need is absolutely here. From wearable devices all the way up to ar vr, all of those devices are in urgent need for sophisticated input methods.”

Gwen Ackerman. Bloomberg

A man uses the Tap with his Hololens AR headset to navigate