Create A Custom TapMap

Tap is not only a multi functional device, It also comes with extraordinary experiences

Tap Into Freedom

TapMapper is a web-based utility that allows you to create custom layouts called TapMaps which can be loaded into your Tap Strap and shared with other tappers.

TapMapper is the perfect tool for:

  • Anyone who wants to Tap in a language other than English
  • Gamers who want to use Tap to play computer-based games
  • Makers who want to use Tap to control their smart devices
  • Coders and power-users who use shortcut keys and non-standard symbols
  • Enterprise users who need custom TapMaps for specialized data entry and
  • device control

Tap Into Agility

TapMapper requires no coding skills and has a point and click interface. All you need to do is click on the tap you wish to map, and then simply press the key, (or key combination) on your keyboard.

TapMapper will automatically store the key in your TapMap.

TapMapper allows you to associate keystrokes and hotkeys to single taps, double taps, triple taps and taps that are combined with shift and switch.

Once you are done with your TapMap you can load it on to your Tap Strap using TapManager.