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Tap is a Wearable Keyboard, Mouse and Controller that can be used to activate any game, app, or device.

Perfect for Children 7+, Teens, Women & Men.

Giving “touch typing” a whole new meaning, the Tap Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Controller is a novel new wireless input device, ideal for Tablets, Smartphones, VR & AR environments. It consists of a series of rings worn over the thumb and fingers that register your hand movements, letting you type and control a cursor on nearly any surface, including your opposite arm. It’s far more portable than a traditional keyboard and easy to use in cramped environments like airplanes. It’s also an attractive alternative for individuals with mobility or visual impairments. A gamified tutorial teaches you how to type with Tap in under 90 minutes.

This holiday season, Microsoft employees and their friends & family can receive an exclusive $50 discount (per unit) + free express shipping when ordering directly from Tap. Just add one or more Tap straps to your cart, apply coupon code MSFT18 at checkout, and select the ‘Free Expedited Shipping’ option. Your Tap will arrive within 1-2 business days in the USA or 3-5 business days outside of the US.

Tap is compatible with all major operating systems including Windows 8.1+, Linux Ubuntu, Mac OS X Yosemite +, iOS 9+ and Android 5+

Tap also works with the leading Virtual & Augmented Reality headsets



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Tap is a wearable keyboard, mouse and game controller that connects to most Bluetooth enabled devices.
Compatible with: IOS 9+, ANDROID 5+, OS X YOSEMITE+, WINDOWS 8.1+, LINUX UBUNTU and Bluetooth 4.0+ Devices such as Hololens, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
Tap is engineered from advanced, biocompatible materials which allow for free movement and comfort while you tap.  Tap comes in two sizes and has a micro-size battery which provides 8 hours of operation.

What you get:

  1. Tap™ Wearable made from soft-touch TPU.
  2. Charging case with 370mA backup battery
  3. MicroUSB cable and Quickstart guide.
  4. A suite of free mobile (iOS/Android) Tap Apps & Games such as TapGenius™ to learn Tapping & the Tap Alphabet™
  5. Exclusive access to the official TapWithUs™ community group on Facebook
  6. Free firmware updates
  7. Customize your Tap with the TapMapper™ Tool

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Tap is a single handed wearable keyboard and mouse. Made out of Skin-safe TPU, Tap lets you control your devices for 8 hours on a full charge (7 days of standby)

Product highlights:

  • Control and input text into your Smartphone, Laptop, PC, Tablet, TV & Game Console
  • Use Tap™ as a mouse with your Tablet, Laptop & PC
  • Control & input text into your VR enviornment

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Dimensions 3.1 × 3.3 × 21.3 in

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