The Product

Tap lets your fingers control and communicate through the Bluetooth-connected devices you’re used to. Mouse your way through, and tap in corrections, messages and more with just one hand and any surface. Physical connection to the device is no longer required, and neither is being able to see or feel a keyboard. Tap is $179 USD.

The Strap

Wearing your Tap will make you feel as though you have stepped into the future. The comfortable device sits at the base of your fingers and senses gestures and finger taps to provide text input. The optical mouse built in to the loop on your thumb contains a flat support for increased control and comfort.

The Case

The Tap case is a stylish and portable charging case that keeps your TAP safe when you aren’t using it. The case contains a 370mAh power bank that extends the 8 hour Tap Strap battery life up to 64 hours of Tapping. The case charges via micro USB and takes about 2 hours to fully re-charge your Tap.


Tap uses a proprietary alphabet system that was designed from the ground up to be easier to learn than typing and much faster than texting – all one-handed.

TapGenius™ and TapAloud (optimized for audible learning) are more than a “how-to”. The simple game and mnemonics teach you to tap so quickly you’ll forget you’re learning.

Most users learn the alphabet in 90 minutes, significantly faster than learning to touch-type on a QWERTY keyboard.

The Apps

While new applications are being developed all the time (developers learn more here), there are
Tap-designed apps that make learning and using Tap more fun. Of course your own apps – messaging,
word processing, productivity and more – all work just fine.

Getting Started


TapManager iconThe first Tap app you’ll need to download, TapManager provides a seamless setup experience for Tapping, with brief, important tutorials and software updates that will get you up and running in no time.

Tap Learning

TapGenius iconTapGenius breaks down the alphabet into eight easy to remember “tap-sets”. The learning system combines musical and visual memory hints for each set with engaging game-play.
Quickly learn to tap using TapGenius or its VoiceOver variation TapAloud.

TAP Games


Tap your fingers to go left, right, diagonal or add jumps to keep bunny on the path to magical carrot island.


Tap to jump, morph, dash, shield and shoot, but most important of all – DON’T STOP RUNNING!!


Use the Tap mouse to steer the Sky Fighter through enemy territory while finger taps control shooting, shielding and more.


Challenges your tapping agility, speed and concentration.

The Specs


TAP strap: 8 hours  (2 hours to recharge)
With Charging Case: up to 64 hours (4 hours to recharge)


TAP – Large: 31 x 33 x 213 mm, 50g
TAP – Small: 31 x 30 x 211 mm, 45g
Charging Case: 165 x 44 x 41 mm, 100g


Bluetooth Antenna
5 x 3-axis Accelerometers
Optical Laser Mouse
Haptic Vibration Motor


TapManager important management app for iOS and Android
TapGenius (Learning software for iOS)
TapTutor (learning software for Android)
TapAloud vision-free learning
TapTapBunny game for iOS and Android
TapChase game for iOS and Android
TapLoops game for iOS and Android


PC (Windows 8.1 and above, requires Bluetooth 4.0 and above)


Skin-safe TPU
Braided Nylon Strap


  • TAP Keyboard + Mouse

  • Portable Charging Case

  • USB Charging Cable


If your hand width is equal or larger than the folded dollar bill, or about 76 mm (3 in) or larger, then order size L. If your hand width is clearly smaller than the folded dollar bill, or less than 76 mm (3 in) then order size S. If your hand is in between sizes and you can’t decide go for size L.

NOTE: We don’t recommend ordering Tap for young children or people with very small hands (span less than 57 mm (2 ¼ in)).

$179 | Free Shipping in the USA