Stimulate Their Senses

Tap Makes Typing, Playing & Learning Fun!

Hours of Engaging Game Play

The Tap is so exciting, your kids will be entertained for hours while learning new skills and honing their fine motor skills. They can also use the Tap to play their own favorite mobile, PC and Tablet games or control other devices.

+ Play on the go

+ Fully customizable

+ Enhances gameplay

+ Exercises fine motor skills

Two children using Tap to play games on a long car ride with their iPad

Develop Programming & Coding Skills

Tap is completely re-configurable! Kids can Re-Map their Taps to input code, activate mind games, control robots & drones. Using the TapMapper application, your children can understand creating customizations for software and begin understanding coding at a young age.

+ Learn to Code

+ Learn to Solve Problems

+ Control other STEM toys and games

Two excited children using Tap to play their favorite game on their mac computer

Fun Language Learning

With the advance of new technology, kid’s attention spans are getting shorter. What if there was an easy, revolutionary way for your children to learn the alphabet while staying safe and having fun? Tap activates your muscle memory and teaches children to learn an ergonomic and intuitive way to input language.

+ Faster than learning QWERTY

+ Works with Any Language

+ Compatible with Smartphones, SmartTV’s, Laptops, PC & Tablets

Tap Strap 1


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