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Boost Your Presentation

A strong presentation is essential to good business – so why stand behind your laptop pressing “Next” on your slideshow? Tap allows you to connect to your Bluetooth enabled devices and control your presentations or other professional tools by tapping on surfaces. Use Tap to:

+ Control slides and media

+ Queue up videos or other presentation elements

+ Control multiple creative tools including Word, PowerPoint, Keynote and more

+ Take notes discreetly

Enhance Your Efficiency

Tap lets you work on the go without needing to lug around a bulky laptop or external keyboard to pair with your phone or tablet. Imagine taking notes in a meeting using one hand, full concentrated on the presentation in front of you – or being able to use a small, compact keyboard on a quick flight to your next business meeting. You can also customize your Tap to create macros or other helpful shortcuts to save time and improve workflow. Tap is great for input while:

+ Traveling for work

+ Commuting in small spaces

+ During Meetings

+ On the go to activate apps and key controls

Lead & Innovate

Tap’s custom mapping unlocks your ability to activate and control complex commercial devices like never before. With TapMapper, you can create custom commands for software, website or mobile apps, or anything else you may need to get the job done. The possibilities are endless. You can use Tap to control:

+ Virtual & Augmented Reality

+ Robotics

+ Drones

+ Military Applications

+ CAD Software

+ Security Equipment

Tap Strap


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Included With Your Purchase:

  • 1 x Tap™ Wearable keyboard, mouse and game controller that connects to most Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • 1 x Charging case with 370mA backup battery (recharge 8x from case)
  • 1 x MicroUSB cable
  • 1 x Quickstart guide.
  • The Tap Strap is Made from soft-touch TPU.
  • The Tap Strap’s internal battery will provide you with 8 hours of operation on a single charge. 72 Hours of standby.
  • Tap is Compatible with: IOS 9+, ANDROID 5+, OS X YOSEMITE+, WINDOWS 8.1+, LINUX UBUNTU and Bluetooth 4.0+ Devices such as Hololens, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
  • A suite of free mobile (iOS/Android) Tap Apps & Games such as TapGenius™ to learn Tapping & the Tap Alphabet™
  • Exclusive access to the official TapWithUs™ community group on Facebook
  • Free firmware updates
  • Customize your Tap with the TapMapper™ Tool


Additional information

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 3.1 × 3.3 × 21.3 in

Small, Large

Frequently Asked Questions

A full charge will last you 8 hours of Tapping. It only takes 2 hours to fully re-charge.
Up to to 10 meters  (32.8 feet) with line of sight
Tap’s default latency is 180 miliseconds


Excellent design and functionality. This device is comfortable to wear, and easy to learn and use. I am already a super fast tapper!

I use Tap with my phone, my computer and my Apple TV, and I’m still finding new things to do with it. This is amazing technology.

This is the coolest device ever. I can write texts without anyone even knowing what I’m doing. Now I’m starting to use Tap with my PC games and it’s really fun.

My daughter and I both learned the whole alphanumeric sequence in under two hours. We love our Taps and use them every chance we get.

I never learned to touch type, and was able to become a fast tapper in just a few hours doing the TapAcademy games. I wish that I had this when I was younger!

Just got my tap in Singapore. It looks and feel is just beyond awesome.?

Lorenzo F.
Fernando Ribeiro
Garrett M.
-Lisa B.
Jesse B.
Adele L.



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