Tap: Where Are We Going?

Someone tapping on their leg while playing TapGenius on their phone

When founders Dovid Schick and Dr. Sabrina Kemeny first dreamed up the Tap wearable keyboard, they never once pictured it stopping there. While the Tap community of today is primarily using their devices to take notes and send messages, the Tap team knows it’s only a matter of time until their technology is being used for much, much more.

man holding a phone and tapping on his leg

As it exists today, Tap works mainly to replace the keyboard. The vast majority of the modern workforce already spends their days away from desks and computers— and there’s no sign of them going back.

Offices are being built with large open spaces and comfortable chairs that weren’t designed for traditional typing. People are constantly taking important calls on-the-go and have become obsessed with multitasking (during meetings, dates, over coffee— you name it).

Tap is just the logical next step for a society that demands mobility and freedom.

placing a tap in its case into purse

But what comes next? When Sabrina and Dovid envisioned Tap, it was never just a keyboard replacement. It was a way for musicians to log their next creation, for AR enthusiasts to avoid pausing an experience due to poor hardware navigation, and for the most sophisticated new-tech adopters to have a seamless interaction with multi-reality headsets.

These were the people who drove the inspiration behind Tap’s creation. Today, Tap will be used to send texts and emails from smartphones, but tomorrow it will be the irreplaceable sidekick to the biggest advancements in multi-reality tech.

woman operating a hololense helmet in front of a screen
Image courtesy of Strada

One of the biggest inspirations for the future of their product was Microsoft’s Hololens. This free-form hologram headset allows users to interface with their environment and 3D holograms at once, and creates space for a multi-dimensional collaboration between students, scientists, and friends as the world has never seen.

This is where Tap is going: Towards becoming the communication device for the most advanced technology available.

Tap will allow users to connect with these devices in a way that no longer relies exclusively on vision or desktop space. Tappers will be able to effortlessly engage in a tactile experience to communicate their thoughts and ideas with others— all while continuing to move freely around a room, and even around the world, untethered.  

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