Will Tap Work with My VR Headset?

Tap works with any VR headset that accepts HID input via Bluetooth 4.0. This includes Hololens, Oculus, HTC Vive, and MagicLeap. It will also work as a phone peripheral for headsets that use mobile devices for display.

Why Should I learn a new way to type?

Tap is a minimal time investment for the ability to touch-type with the added benefit of ergonomics, eye’s free typing, and the ability to type on any surface! From smartwatches to tablets to VR headsets, technology is becoming increasingly more portable and something you can carry with you. We believe that as technology evolves, so should our input.

What Apps Will Tap Work With?

Tap will work with any application that accepts keyboard and mouse input.

How long is the learning curve?

The average Tapper learns the entire alphabet in 2 hours using our gamified app, TapGenius. It takes about 5 hours of practice to become a proficient typer (35 WPM) with Tap.