Web Home Screen Video Transcript 2018-01-03T18:57:24+00:00

Lifestyle video showing a variety of people tapping in different situations with upbeat music playing throughout.

Opens with smiling and laughing couple laying on  blanket in grass.  The woman, wearing a black Tap strap, is tapping on the chest of the man.  There is a smartphone on blanket between them. Cuts to split screen with close-up of woman’s hand tapping and second screen showing text appearing on her smartphone. Text reads “OMG He is so cute”

Second scene opens with shot of woman tapping on her thigh under a table.  Cuts to screen split in 3. First screen shows her hand wearing white Tap, tapping on her thigh under table. Middle screen shows her face/upper body smiling and laughing. Third screen shows text appearing on her phone.  Text reads, “Heading home soon.  Movie night??

Third scene opens with two young men in coffee shop sitting on bench facing each other, one with a white and the other with a black Tap with an Ipad between them.  Cuts to Ipad showing that a game is being played by tapping.

Fourth scene opens with a man in suit looking at his watch and tapping on forearm.  Cuts to close up of smartwatch and his hand tapping on arm above watch. Then cuts to text on watch, “Ready to go” and then he enters nice car.

Fifth scene is comprised of split screen showing man wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles in left half of screen and what he is looking at in right screen. Begins by showing man’s hand gliding and tapping on left screen, while curser movement and text, “one bedroom apartment “appears on right screen.  Then shows man moving head left to right while right screen shows an apartment being viewed.

Sixth scene opens with professional looking man wearing augmented reality (AR) goggles tapping on arm which brings up image of building outline which is floating in air.  He then starts gliding his thumb on table which moves the building image around in space.