1 x All-In-One Tap Strap

  • Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Controller
  • Made out of Soft Touch TPU
  • 8 Hours of Operation
  • Splash Proof
  • Comes in size Large or Small

1 X Magnetic Protective Charging Case

  • Recharge your Tap via pogo pins
  • Recharge the case using microUSB (included!)
  • 370ma Internal Battery
  • Holds enough power to recharge your Tap 8 Times
  • Fits in most pockets

TapManager Mobile App

(Android & iOS) – Use TapManager to customize your Tap’s setting, download the latest firmware updates, and upload your custom maps. This powerful tool has everything you need to make your Tap unique to you.

Image of TapManager on a phone. Use this smartphone enabled application to update your Tap's firmware and customize your settings

TapGenius Learning System

(Android, iOS & Windows) – Backed by Stanford language & memory research, TapGenius provides a fast and easy ways to learn the Tap Alphabet. In under 2 hours, you will be tapping all letters, numbers, and symbols – and you’ll have fun while doing it!

An image of the TapGenius learning app on iPhone and iPad. TapGenius teaches you to Tap in just 90 minutes.

TapAcademy Learning App

(Android, iOS & Windows) – Once you’ve mastered the Tap Alphabet, take your tapping skills to the next level with TapAcademy. Designed to boost your WPM, TapAcademy uses 30 days of fun drills and typing games to help you tap even faster. The average tapper doubles their WPM in just 14 days of playing TapAcademy.

TapAloud Mobile App

(Android & iOS) – TapAloud is our TapGenius learning system optimized for blind and low vision users. The system breaks the alphabet into 8 voice-enabled learning lessons and takes 2 hours to learn.

Tapaloud is a blind and low vision accessible phone app for android and ios devices to learn the tap alphabet

BONUS #1:  FREE TapMaps

We offer a robust suite of custom TapMaps so you can type in other languages or layouts. We provide all TapMaps free of charge via a public gallery, so there’s always new ways to use your Tap.

BONUS #2: FREE Access to TapMapper

TapMapper is a FREE re-mapping tool that lets you take your Tap to the next level. With TapMapper, you can turn complex text macros into simple finger taps. There is no limit to what you can do with Tap – other than your own imagination.