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How it works

Tap™ lets your fingers control and communicate with your digital world. Each time you tap your fingers or glide your thumb, a character, command, or cursor position is sent to any Bluetooth device such as your phone, tablet, smart watch, smart TV, VR/AR headset, or computer.

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Apps and Games

TAP provides a suite of apps that helps you personalize, learn and master Tap for texting and mousing as well as fun games that are made for your Tap™.

What They’re Saying

Tap is generating a lot of buzz and interest. Find out where the conversation is heading or join in!


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We are delighted to open our pre-order process. Pre-order your Tap™ today, choose your Tap size and even pick a black or a white Tap that matches your style. Tap™ comes with a styling portable charging case and free apps to personalize your Tap™.

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