Your Keyboard, Mouse & Handheld Controller

TapXR was designed to help humans adapt to the next generation of personal computing. 

TapXR is so much more than a keyboard & mouse replacement - it’s an on the go command center that sits comfortably on your wrist

Catherine L.

Tap packs a nearly infinite amount of control into a tiny wristband that you can take anywhere, talk about powerful.

Greg S.

It’s impossible to describe the magic of TapXR until you try it for yourself

James R.

"The most ergonomic way to do anything with a digital device"

From texting and navigating to triggering macros and controlling complex menus, TapXR lets you fully customize how you experience your digital devices. Explore the freedom to tap on anything to get what you want done fast and easy.

A Unified Way To Interact With Your

PC, Smartphone, Tablet, SmartTV, Projector, VR, AR & XR


Words Per Minute

Input up to 10 characters a second with just one hand or go even faster with two.

Customizable Commands

Remap any finger combination into your favorite shortcuts, triggers, key-binds and commands

Tap Layouts

Enjoy thousands of user-created Language, Utility, Coding, Production & Gaming TapMaps - or make your own!

Hours of Battery Life

Get a full day of input on a single charge. Only 1 hour to recharge from zero to full!
How many TapXR units do I need? One on each hand?
No, all you need is a single Tap. You can however use two Taps and pair them to a single device.
What size wrist will the TapXR fit?
The TapXR is made of a flexible material that accommodates virtually all wrist sizes. The large fits wrists with a circumference of 16cm (6.25 inches) or more, and the small fits on wrists that are smaller than 16cm (6.25 inches).
What devices can I use TapXR with?
You can use TapXR with any device that supports keyboard and mouse input via bluetooth 4.0+ connectivity. This includes laptops, tablets, cellphones, smartTVs, AR/VR headsets and desktop computers.
Is the TapXR a projected keyboard?
No, the TapXR registers which fingers you are tapping and sends the associated commands to a device over bluetooth. There is no projected keyboard and commands are not positionally based.
How do I learn the TapXR alphabet?
We have two learning apps to master the Tap Alphabet: TapGenius and TapManager. It takes approximately one to two hours of play to learn the Tap alphabet using either method.
What Languages does TapXR work with?
Tap works with any language!
Does TapXR come with a money back guarantee and warranty?
Yes. We have a 30 day return policy and 1 year warranty that covers any product defects.

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