Wearable Mouse + Keyboard

Tap™ lets your fingers control and communicate with the digital world. As you tap your fingers or glide your thumb, characters and commands are sent to any Bluetooth device–your phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch and more.


Text, Mouse + Play

Wearing Tap feels like stepping into the future. Use it to compose text, mouse around, and control games. The mouse is just like your desktop mouse. Glide your thumb to move the cursor, and tap your fingers to click. You'll be surprised at the feeling.



Learn Tap

Quickly learn to tap using Tap Genius, a child-simple game that will have you tapping within minutes and mastering the system within hours.

Challenging levels move your learning from conscious to instinctive, mimicking the skills of speedy entry and control.

Practicing a few minutes here and there accelerates tapping speed and builds muscle memory, making tap texting second-nature-simple.


Developers Wanted

Tap opens up new opportunities for controlling Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Join our development community, and leverage Tap's unique capabilities to enhance your users' experience, engagement and stickiness.







    Remove sight from your system requirements.

    Tap allows vision-free, voice free communication and control of smartphones and more using just the fingers of one hand and any surface. Tap is just a simple strap around your fingers – you don't need to hold anything. Users can tap anywhere, on anything, with no need to see the screen or their fingers. Taps become text and swipes of the hand move your cursor, revolutionizing the way users in virtual reality, augmented reality, and the visually impaired interact with their devices.


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    Tap is not a QWERTY keyboard, rather it’s built on-top of our proprietary Tap Alphabet input system. With 1 hand only you can fully control any device with both full keyboard and mouse functionalities.
    Tap is now shipping. Standard delivery is 7-14 days in the US and Canada, and 3-4 weeks for international deliveries. 

    There are two sizes.  The Tap Strap is is adjustable, so each size fits a range of hand sizes. The large size is recommended for medium to large hands, and the small size is recommended for medium and small hands and for teenagers.

    See the size guide for instructions on how to measure hand width.

    This video shows how to wear your Tap and turn it on.  Note that you must install the TapManager app and update the Tap firmware before you begin to tap.

    You can learn to Tap in about an hour by using the TapGenius Game, available on the iOS App Store.  There are 8 ‘Tap-Sets’ which are taught via musical and visual tutorials, and are followed by rounds of gameplay.  It takes approximately five hours of practice to become a fast, proficient tapper.

    On Android, you can learn to tap with the TapTutor App on the Play Store.

    Here is a video overview how to learn with TapGenius.

    TAP is a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and game controller.  You can use it to compose text, control your mouse and play mobile games.
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