Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Controller

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Tap™ is a wearable input device that lets your fingers control and communicate with the digital world. As you tap your fingers or move your thumb, characters and commands are sent to any Bluetooth device–your phone, laptop, tablet, Smart TV, desktop computer and more.


Goodbye QWERTY. Hello TAP.

Tap creates text each time you tap your fingers. Tap does not use the QWERTY keyboard layout or any keyboard at all. Instead, you create letters by tapping one or more finger combinations on any surface. For instance when you tap your thumb, the letter A is sent to the bluetooth device you have paired with your Tap.


Learning to Tap is easy

Quickly learn to tap using TapGenius or TapAloud (optimized for audible learning), a child-simple game that will have you tapping within minutes and mastering the system within hours. Most users learn the Tap Alphabet in just 90 minutes. Practicing a few minutes here and there accelerates tapping speed and builds muscle memory, making tap texting second-nature-simple.Continuing practice allows you to get really fast. .


Mouse Mode

Tap includes high precision laser optics - just like in your desktop mouse. Glide your thumb intuitively to move the cursor. Tap your fingers to activate mouse clicks, drag & drop and more.

Controller Mode

Out of the box - Your Tap works as a controller with our Games. We also invite interested developers to leverage Tap’s unique capabilities to enhance their user’s cross platform experience.








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    Tap is not a QWERTY keyboard, rather it’s built on-top of our proprietary Tap Alphabet input system. With 1 hand only you can fully control any device with both full keyboard and mouse functionalities.
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