Your Creative Touch, Untethered.

Self Expression, Redefined.

Join digital artists, musicians, streamers & gamers who are using Tap devices to unlock unparalleled freedom to create on their own terms. 

With eyes-free, tactile commands that can be activated anywhere with just the tap of your finger, TapXR is an exciting new way to supercharge your creativity with total freedom.

Control Your Entire Creative Suite 

Instantly capture and manipulate your creation across all digital mediums
  • Music

  • Art

  • Photos

  • Video

    Create Like Never Before

    TapXR carries the power of a full keyboard, including macros and hotkeys, that can be used anywhere. Commands are activated via simple finger taps that can be used on any surface and at any angle, untethering creators from their keyboards or other non-remote setups. Here are some of the ways our creators love to use TapXR:
    • Control Streaming Commands from Afar
    • Activate Brushes, Layers or Other Tools
    • Midi Control for Hands Free Music Production
    • Complex Macros and Keybinds Assigning
    • Edit Content and Media
    • Set Uniform Commands Across
    • Different Creative Apps
    • Work on the Go Without Needing an Office or Desk Setup

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The excitement around TapXR is huge, here are some common questions we get
    1How Does TapXR Know What Commands I am Doing?
    TapXR uses a combination of motion and visual sensors and AI to accurately detect finger taps.
    2Does TapXR Store Any of My Tapping or Personal Data?
    No. We don’t record or store any of your behavior or typing. The visual sensors within TapXR also do not store any data.
    3Which TapXR size is right for me?
    The large TapXR fits a wrist circumference of 16CM (6 and 1/4 inches) and up. Below that is a size small.