Our Apps


Image of TapManager on a phone. Use this smartphone enabled application to update your Tap's firmware and customize your settings

The first Tap app you’ll need to download, TapManager provides a seamless setup experience for Tapping, with brief, important tutorials and software updates that will get you up and running in no time.


An image of the TapGenius learning app on iPhone and iPad. TapGenius teaches you to Tap in just 90 minutes.

TapGenius breaks down the alphabet into eight easy to remember “tap-sets”. The learning system combines musical and visual memory hints for each set with engaging game-play.


Tapaloud is a blind and low vision accessible phone app for android and ios devices to learn the tap alphabet

The VoiceOver, Audible version of TapGenius


Play only 10 minutes / day & Learn To Tap at 30+ WPM within 30 days.

Our Mobile Games


Taptapbunny is a challenging phone app for android and ios devices

Tap your fingers to go left, right, diagonal or add jumps to keep bunny on the path to magical carrot island.


tapsquadron is a mouse enabled phone app for android and ios devices

Use the Tap mouse to steer the Sky Fighter through enemy territory while finger taps control shooting, shielding and more.


tapchase is a platformer style phone app for android and ios devices

Tap to jump, morph, dash, shield and shoot, but most important of all – DON’T STOP RUNNING!!


taploops is a rhythm phone game for android and ios devices

Challenges your tapping agility, speed and concentration.