Website Customers

Tom K.

Typing in VR is no longer a challenge with my Tap. It pairs to both my Oculus and Vive and makes it simple to search and message my friends. It’s so much easier than trying to select letter by letter in a virtual space.

Jon R.

Tap’s got a really amazing ability to work without software on many different operating systems, meanwhile I can’t even pair a bluetooth headset to my computer without downloading 10 plugins and updating my drivers.

Chris P.

I have yet to find something Tap DOESN’T work with yet. I am sure my system-specific controllers are collecting dust as I type this.


Tap’s ability to multipair is really awesome. With my other BT devices I have to unpair and repair to make them work, which is really annoying and doesn’t always work.

Brian O.

Swapping between paired devices with my Tap is a breeze. I just press and hold the power button and can go from my phone to tablet to TV in just a couple seconds. I don’t know why more bluetooth devices don’t have this feature!!

Kevin C.

I love that Tap is constantly updating their tech to stay relevant and provide new features – and for FREE. It’s rare you see a company do that in today’s climate. Multipair is just one of these cool new features that makes life with bluetooth much better.

Olivia W.

I love that I can play and pause Netflix with the flick of my wrist when Tap is paired to my Samsung Smart TV. As a bonus, I never lose the remote (since I am wearing it!)

Karen L.

I HATE searching for something to watch on my TV with the included remote. It takes forever and it’s really annoying. Tap makes it way easierto find titles or search for new shows.

Yonathan A.

I love my new Tap Strap 2 – typing and AirMousing into my SmartTV (Amazon Prime Video & Netflix) has made searching for something to watch much easier and more fun!

Terry L.

I love the ability to quickly and easily customize my Tap for whatever I need. All the maps are saved and can be downloaded with one click from the management app. It’s a really great way to take your tapping to the next level.

Hayato O.

As a designer, I am no stranger to keyboard shortcuts. Tap has greatly improved my workflow by allowing me to assign many commands to easy to remember “taps.” The mapping tool is super simple and I can share my custom maps with other members of the community.

Hans G.

Being a low vision user makes it difficult to take photos of myself for my family. Having this basic function built in is incredibly helpful for users like me who want to be able to set a phone up and take a photo when we know we are in frame.

Melissa R.

Tap has a great built in tool for taking photos and starting/stopping video remotely. I love the content I am able to capture just by tapping my fingers!


Who doesn’t love a perfect selfie! Tap makes it easy to setup a camera and capture cute photos remotely. It’s such a fun and easy feature.

Marcel M.

I didn’t realize how much I needed a remote music controller like Tap in my life until I got one. I can’t imagine life without it now.


I linked Tap to my phone which was paired to my sound system. With finger swipes I was able to play/pause music, skip songs and turn it up – like a sound wizard. It’s really fun, and I can easily put it into standby mode so I don’t accidentally skip a song when I feel like dancing.


I don’t have cable, so I cast Twitch or YouTube to my TV for entertainment. With Tap, I can easily set hotkeys to basic functions like play or pause without needing to get up and go to my computer. It’s really made my life easier.


Workflow wise, it has been a welcome ergonomic solution to mousing and typing, as spending a lot of time at my QWERTY is starting to affect my neck and back. I have also started using my iPad more since Tap 2 is optimized for tablets. Working this way allows me to have a lot more freedom than being confined to a specific work space and specific peripherals.

Christian J.

I have been using Tap with my iPad and loving it thus far. Learning was a breeze and the iOS hotkeys are magnificent. The ability to use my device without needing to be hovered over the screen is a powerful way to be present.

Charlotte R.

I can’t imagine a more enjoyable experience than lounging on my couch and using my Tap to control my iPad to watch videos, stream content or take notes. All of this can be accomplished with 2 fingers and a tablet.

Jeff T.

Using Tap on my phone and tablet was already awesome, but the addition of iOS specific hotkeys that are activated via gesture controls are the icing on the cake. I can quickly swap, open and close apps with simple gestures making using all my devices that much easier.

Ido M.

I am very happy with Tap. I like feeling like I have access to a full keyboard and mouse specifically for my iPad without having to carry around an actual keyboard and mouse. The air gestures are fantastic and I find myself finding more integrations for them daily.

Louis R.

I really enjoy the swiping controls that are activated through Tap’s air gestures. I was sold on some advertising that mentioned feeling like a Jedi – I mean who doesn’t want to use the force?? Worth every penny.


The AirMouse swiping will instantly make you feel like you’re in Minority Report – or any other scifi world. I can setup my phone or tablet across the room and use hand motions to control everything from scrolling through websites to playing mobile games. It never fails to impress!


I never thought I would wear a mouse on my thumb and be able to activate an accurate cursor, but here we are, and WOW I love it. The ability to use the mouse on multiple surfaces is a huge bonus, and I have yet to find anything comparable.

Yaniv S.

I hate being confined to a desk for 8 hours a day, and the Tap mouse unlocks the very much needed freedom to take my work to more creative spaces. It’s accurate enough for very precise motions, and small enough to toss into a carry on. I find it quite wonderful.


Unlike my other mice, Tap is completely versatile. It can be used with pretty much all of my devices, even through multiple operating systems. It’s battery easily lasts through the workday and beyond without needing a recharge.


As a developer I have struggled with wrist pain. I have purchased everything from ergonomic keyboards to wrist supports with little relief. Being able to type at a more natural angle with Tap has been a game changer for me.

Amy R.

90 minutes in and I am ready to say goodbye, adios, sayonara to my old QWERTY forever. No longer will I need to hunt and peck for keys or squint to look at my phone’s onscreen keyboard. I can’t believe something this cool exists in the here and now.

Jeremy M.

I am very impressed with this device. In just 2 weeks, I went from not being able to type at all…to now typing at 26 words per minute on one hand (and growing). With this same hand, I can use the mouse with ease. I am so excited about having a vision to ditch my keyboard and mouse as well as have what feels to be a more ergonomically friendly device to use.

Hiro M.

Learning is so fun, it’s like playing a game. As you progress through the letters, the app teaches you important punctuation and symbols at your own pace. It never feels impossible or overwhelming, which is more than I can say for most modern tech.

Claire T.

I’m in accounting and I love the ability to use tactile touch to input numbers quickly. It’s much easier and faster than having to look over and check hand positioning from time to time.


Everything about the design of the Tap Alphabet is thoughtful. Punctuation is taught logically, in a way that is easy for anyone to remember (even my scatterbrain self). Take a comma for example, it is activated by double tapping the letter “m” because there are 2 of them in the word coMMa. They really considered everything and it shows.