The Tap Strap is a comfortable wearable that sits at the base of your fingers and senses finger taps as input. Connecting to any Bluetooth enabled device, Tap users can currently compose text and control their mobile devices by tapping different easy to learn finger combinations on just about any available surface.

In addition, Tap now supports Apple’s VoiceOver capabilities. We have created taps for the most commonly used VoiceOver functions. VoiceOver users, can text, navigate and control their phones without ever taking it out of their pockets, perfect when you’re on the go. Imagine answering calls and sending texts by simply wearing earbuds and tapping on your thigh, while your phone stays in your bag or pocket.

The Tap Alphabet finger combinations are easy to learn with our fun vision-free gaming app called TapAloud. The simple game and mnemonics teach you to tap so quickly you’ll forget you’re learning.

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