Firmware Changelog

October 17,2018 Version 1.6

  • + Supporting TapMapper store – custom Tap mapping can be installed from the store (via TapManager)
  • + Improved algorithm to go in and out of mouse mode
  • + Selfie tap – when in camera tap double “n” to take picture (outside camera double “n” will increase the volume) – only available in default mapping.
  • + Toggling between mapping is now “switch” & “c” (was double “x”)
  • + Toggling between mapping will be followed with haptic feedback.
    Add support to toggle between mapping with TapManager.
    “Enter” and “Delete” taps have been added to “Switch” mode.
  • + Another internal feature – support TapOut
  • Bug fixes:
    • + Delete tap can now be remapped.
    • + Transition between raw mode (while in Tap apps) and voiceover mode.
    • + Modifires released immediately after a tap (was released prior to the next tap)
June 27,2018 Version 1.5
  • + Support for custom TapMaps.
  • + Significant detection improvements for tapping on soft surfaces.
  • + Significant detection improvements for tapping on vertical surfaces.
  • + VoiceOver activated by tapping double F instead of double S.
May 10,2018 Version 1.4.2
  • + iOS – Includes taps to control Voiceover commands to improve accessibility.
  • + iOS – added show/hide keyboard (triple “h”) – helps to switch to second keyboard layout (emoji or different language)
  • + Improved mouse functionality to provide smoother tracking and correct bug that causes Tap to exit mouse mode during movement.
  • + API support for reading raw mouse motion data.
  • + Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
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