Firmware Changelog

April 25, 2024 Version 3.4.3 (TapXR, iOS)
  • ⁠Significant detection and performance improvements.
February 22, 2024 Version 3.4.0 (TapXR)
  • Battery life improvements


January 2, 2024 Version 3.3.1 (TapXR)

  • ⁠FIX: Major bug fix to address the TapXR occasionally stopping input or sending the same character repeatedly. 
  • FIX: Other minor bug fixes.
  • NEW: ⁠⁠AirMouse with a ‘pinch’ gesture functioning as a mouse click added:
    • Rotate your hand 90 degrees (clockwise on right hand or counterclockwise for left hand) to enter mouse mode. A haptic will be felt.
    • When in mouse-mode, move your arm to control the cursor.
    • Tap your thumb with your index finger to click (tap twice to double click).
    • Rotate your hand so that your palm is horizontal to the ground to exit AirMouse mode.


April 4, 2022 Version 2.6.10 (Tap Strap 1 & 2)

  • Fix: Resolved period haptic during charging some units were experiencing.
  • Fix: IMU raw data fixed for developers.
  • New: Added new characters in the default map:
    • Backtick (`) – double tap X (01011)
    • Tilde (~) – triple tap X (01011)
    • Caret (^) – double tap V (11011)
    • Open Curly ({) – double tap Z (00101)
    • Close Curly (}) – triple tap Z (00101)
    • Backslash (\) – double tap S (00011)
    • Pipe (|) – triple tap S (00011)
  • Minor bug fixes


August 18, 2021 Version 2.6.4 (Tap Strap 1 & 2)

  • Improved mouse clicks sensitivity.
  • Improved raw sensor mode (for developers)
  • Minor bug fixes.


September 9, 2020 Version 2.6.0 (Tap Strap 1&2)

  • Release supports new TapNow keyboard extension


April 13, 2020 Version 2.4.0

  • Release supports new TapMapper feature
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes 


February 28, 2020 Version 2.3.30 (Tap Strap 1&2)

  • New: Developer Mode – Combine the power of v2.3.30 + the latest Developer SDK’s, now developers can:
    • Tap Strap 1
      • Stream raw data from the 5 Tap accelerometers
    • Tap strap 2: 
      • Stream raw data from the 5 Tap accelerometers
      • Stream raw data from the thumb IMU
      • Customize air gestures and air mouse events
      • Trigger custom haptic patterns
  • New: Python SDK
  • New: Haptic vibration response when exiting scroll lock in mouse mode.
  • Improved: Performance for optical mouse.
  • Fix: Bug fixes to improve the experience and stability.

Tap Strap 1:

  • New: Optical Swiping on iOS. This new feature will allow Tap Strap 1 users to swipe using the optical mouse by tapping switch (fingers 3, 4 and 5) and then moving the mouse in the direction of the swipe.

TapManager / TapGenius:

  • Both apps have been updated to support developer mode.
  • Bug fix has been issued to resolve the issue of some Android versions not being able to input into Tap apps.


December 12,2019 Version 2.3 (Tap Strap 2)

  • NewOptical Mouse swipes – while in Mouse Mode, users can now tap SWITCH and move to any direction to trigger a swipe
  • Improved: Horizontal Swiping detection.
  • Improved: Gesture detection for entering into AirMouse mode.
  • Improved: TapGenius AirMouse tutorial.


June 18,2019 Version 2.0

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes
  • Improved: Minor mouse improvement on certain surfaces


April 24,2019 Version 1.7.0

  • New: Toggle pairing – Long press (1.2sec) Tap’s on/off button to switch between previously paired devices (up to 3).
  • New: “Standby mode” – double tap “01111” (“h”) in mouse mode to toggle between normal and standby mode – in standby mode the Tap is paired to a device but will not send input – Feature must be enabled in TapManager to avoid accidental use
  • New: Sleep timeout modification for battery saving when the Tap isn’t in use (Previously 2 minutes by default, sleep timeout can now be set to 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min or 15min).
  • New: For developers – Support Windows SDK – now allows you to set the Tap in controller mode along with mouse HID inputs.
  • Improved tapping detection on hard and soft surfaces.
  • Improved algorithm for going in and out of mouse mode.
  • Improved compatibility to pair to more devices – Amazon Fire Stick TV, MagicLeap etc.
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes.


October 17,2018 Version 1.6

  • Supporting TapMapper store – custom Tap mapping can be installed from the store (via TapManager)
  • Improved algorithm to go in and out of mouse mode
  • Selfie tap – when in camera tap double “n” to take picture (outside camera double “n” will increase the volume) – only available in default mapping.
  • Toggling between mapping is now “switch” & “c” (was double “x”)
  • Toggling between mapping will be followed with haptic feedback.Add support to toggle between mapping with TapManager.“Enter” and “Delete” taps have been added to “Switch” mode.
  • Another internal feature – support TapOut
  • Bug fixes:
    • + Delete tap can now be remapped.
    • + Transition between raw mode (while in Tap apps) and voiceover mode.
    • + Modifires released immediately after a tap (was released prior to the next tap)
June 27,2018 Version 1.5
  • Support for custom TapMaps.
  • Significant detection improvements for tapping on soft surfaces.
  • Significant detection improvements for tapping on vertical surfaces.
  • VoiceOver activated by tapping double F instead of double S.
May 10,2018 Version 1.4.2
  • iOS – Includes taps to control Voiceover commands to improve accessibility.
  • iOS – added show/hide keyboard (triple “h”) – helps to switch to second keyboard layout (emoji or different language)
  • Improved mouse functionality to provide smoother tracking and correct bug that causes Tap to exit mouse mode during movement.
  • API support for reading raw mouse motion data.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.