1. Feel Like Tom Cruise in Minority Report

I remember having the most profound sense of wonder watching Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report control his computer using just his hands. Now I can do this seemingly magical feat just by using Tap. Tap lets me control complex applications with simple finger inputs on any surface and at any angle – this technology is amazing!


2. Activate Any Device Remotely

Long range Bluetooth connectivity enables you to send messages, navigate and control devices remotely with comfort and ease.

Imagine browsing your TV while lounging from across the room, or typing with your phone safely in your pocket while commuting, or even presenting remotely to impress your crowd. Tap unlocks all these possibilities and more.

3. Input In Any Position!

Hate being confined to a workstation? Tap’s got you covered!

With Tap you input sitting down, standing up, lying down or even upside down! It allows you to type in a position that is comfortable and uniquely yours to reduce stress, strain, and discomfort when putting in long hours.

4. Turn Any Surface Into Your Keyboard!

We make picking and choosing your keys a thing of the past. Use the same finger combinations to input the same keys no matter which surface is available to you.

Within seconds your arm, leg, head, a sofa, bed and table top can become a keyboard, instrument, or controller at your command!

5. Air Gesture Input Into Any Device!

Unlike purpose built controllers that limit you to predefined air gesture for their environment only Tap allows you to air gesture into any device, anywhere.

No additional motion tracking technology is required to swipe, scroll, pinch and activate your favorite experiences!

6. Free Your Eyes and Stay in the Action!

With Tap, you can write without looking – on any device!  For me, this is a real feeling of freedom. I can take notes in my meetings without breaking eye-contact with the people around me. I can tap while I’m on the move and have to keep my attention on what is going on around me!

And – for the first time ever – I can actually type when I’m immersed in VR/AR environments without breaking immersion. Tap enables me to input comfortably without getting disoriented!

7. Turn Your Tablet into a Portable Workstation!

If you are like me, you hate being stuck at your desk, hunched over the work of the day. I find I am most productive when I am able to change up my workstation from time to time, whether sitting at the office, at a coffee shop, or while commuting.

8. Stand Tall

I don’t know about you, but I spend a good part of my work day behind a desk, working on my computer.Over the years, my back and neck have started to pay the price. Now, with Tap, I am no longer hunching over my keyboard – I am standing tall and tapping away without having to compromise my posture at all. Even when I sit, I never have to lean forward to reach my keys and then strain my neck to see my screen.

9. Make Custom Shortcuts for Your Applications

Since Tap is fully customizable, I can tailor it for my exact needs. For example, let’s say I wanted to create a new layer in Photoshop: instead of pressing shift+control+N, I can simply tap my pointer finger and get started. Not only is this significantly easier, it doesn’t disrupt my workflow by forcing me to search for key-binds. Tap can be customized to any combination of key presses and modifiers that work in any application that accepts HID input. Talk about convenience!


10. Turbo Charge Your Presentations!

I see a lot of powerpoint presentations, and at some point they all seem to blend together. But when I use my Tap to control my presentations, everyone in the room is paying attention – they all want to see what I’ll do next. Not only does Tap allow me the freedom to present from anywhere in the room, but with the power of a full keyboard at my command, I can do things with my slides that I never could do before. I can seamlessly move from my presentation to other applications with just the flick of a finger. I can re-order my slides on the fly, trigger my animations in creative ways, and even point using the built in AirMouse.

11. Input in Tight Spaces!

There have been so many hours that I have contorted my body so that I could type on my laptop or phone when I’m commuting or traveling by airplane.  With Tap, no matter how I’m sitting or standing, I can always find a relaxed, comfortable position to do my work. Now I get more done when I’m on the move, and arrive feeling great – no more tying myself into a pretzel.

12. Instantly Become The Center Of Attention!

No matter if your in an office, busy terminal or social event, everyone and anyone around you will be puzzled by how you are able to type, draw, activate and navigate your digital devices.

Become a tech leader in your community and show others how it’s done!

13. Explore Virtual Reality Worlds You’ve Never Seen Before!

Allow yourself the freedom to explore new virtual and augmented realities in comfortable and easy ways that were simply unavailable until now.

Experience the comfort to type, search, activate and navigate without having to take off your headset and break the magic of full immersion.

14. Take a Perfect Selfie!

Not only is Tap a little bit of a Thanos-inspired fashion statement, it is also a remote camera controller.

15. Game Like a Superhero!

Tap has enhanced gameplay for children, teens and adults alike, giving them total control and superiority over their opponents.

With Tap – you can rebind your spells, attacks, movements, or even inventory items. Tap allows you to play your way using accurate and simple finger commands (you’ll never miss a move in the heat of battle again). Not to mention the insane connection you’ll feel to your characters when you super power them using simple ‘god-like’ finger taps to control them.

16. Go Beyond Your Touchscreen

Touchscreens are great, it is the enabling technology that allowed for the explosion of smartphones and mobile technology, but they also limit us and force us to have to clutch our devices night and day.With Tap, you can do all of the things that a touch screen can – create text, navigate, select – with the freedom of not being tied to your screen.