How The TapXR Works

Decoding 100+ Different Finger Gestures in Real Time

The TapXR uses a combination of motion and optical sensors for hand and finger tracking, and to detect and classify finger taps and other gestures. When a finger or fingers touch a surface, a ‘tap event’ is initiated, and the sensor data is sent to an embedded neural processor, which determines which of the fingers have made contact. This information is then formatted for transmission, and sent via Bluetooth to the paired device.

Step 1:

Tap your fingers on any surface

Tap your leg, arm, couch, desk, or any other surface that you can think of. This will let TapXR know you are sending a command.

Step 2:

TapXR senses that a tap has occurred

Using a combination of optical and mechanical sensors, the TapXR is able to register when you are tapping.

Step 3:

The Tap AI registers the tap as an HID command

After a tap occurs, the TapXR AI determines what is being tapped and sends the associated command to your bluetooth device.

Step 4:

The command is transmitted to the paired device via Bluetooth

All the tap magic happens in real time, with virtually no latency, so all you see is your commands as they happen.

Three Modes of Operation