Meet the Tap Band

A Controller for All Realities

The easiest way to control VR, AR & XR

Augmented and virtual reality give us the chance to be anyone, to have limitless possibilities, and to experience a vast, immersive metaverse - so why are we still using outdated technology to interface with these systems? The Tap Band is a complete solution that works out of the box as an intuitive, eyes-free, tactile super controller for all your devices and all your realities.

  • Access the entire keyboard on your wrist, completely accessible with just one hand
  • Tap in any language using a preexisting map or build your own
  • Access over 150 customizable commands
  • Activate macros, combos or even strings of texts with a single tap
  • Supports a full day of use on a single charge
  • Bluetooth pairing for use with a multitude of devices

Finally a simple way to type in any reality

Fast, tactile & occlusion free

Tapping is fast and intuitive to learn, with uniform commands across devices
It’s expected that within the near future, VR/AR devices will take off as mainstream, personal computing systems. Tap is the only input solution that can unlock the full potential of these systems without sacrificing comfort, accuracy, or consumption.
You can use the Tap Band in a variety of situations, with finger occlusion, or in low light
Stop struggling with bulky controllers or fatiguing hand tracking within AR/VR

Tap Band lets you easily type on any surface (including your own body), and does not require your line of sight to activate. Simple finger combinations can transmit letters, numbers, symbols, or even preset macros.

Tap is also a full keyboard, and typing has never been easier to master

Over 50,000 users have already adopted the Tapping method

Learning to Tap is over 10X faster than learning touch typing on a traditional QWERTY keyboard. Tappers are able to learn the tap alphabet right out of the box using either our gamified learning app or out onscreen keyboard tool.
Some Tappers have reached speeds of 75+ WPM with just 1 hand)!

Control your devices without looking at a keyboard

Warning, some may confuse you for a superhero, a jedi, or someone out of a sci-fi movie

Say goodbye to searching for buttons, triggers and keys!
Tap is touch-based and fully customizable. When wearing your Tap band you can tap on any surface (soft or hard) to trigger commands, hotkeys, modifiers, and macros. Break free from being forced to find the right key on a predefined layout from the 1800s and make custom layouts for any language, program or device. You can map hundreds of commands and swap between your mappings seamlessly.

Type without getting exhausted

When input meets ergonomics

Tap works at any angle while standing, sitting or even lying down, and can detect input with over 99% accuracy as long as you are able to tap your fingers on a surface. Since you don’t need to float your arms or put pressure on your median nerve, tapping is less fatiguing and more ergonomic for prolonged use. Isn’t it time our devices adapted to our comfort, and not the other way around?



1How Does The Tap Band Know What Commands I am Doing?
The Tap Band uses a combination of motion and visual sensors and AI to accurately detect finger taps. You can learn more about how the Tap Band works here: (link to how it works page)
2Does the Tap Band Store Any of My Tapping or Personal Data?
No. We don’t record or store any of your behavior or typing. The visual sensors within the Tap Band also do not store any data.
3Will the Tap Band work with my Quest/Quest 2/Etc?
The Tap Band will work with any VR/AR/XR headset that supports bluetooth 4.0+ pairing, this includes the Meta Quest, Hololens, Vive and many more. If you are unsure, please check your device manual for bluetooth information.