Experience Unlimited Mobility

Respond to Messages

TapXR is a wrist-wearable controller that lets users type into their smartwatch.

TapXR allows users to respond to any text message right in their watch.

Take Notes 

Take notes right on your watch, without disrupting the meeting.

Voice annotations is not suitable in every situations. TapXR enables you to take important notes right into your smart watch!

Manage Your To Do Lists

With TapXR You can easily manage your tasks and lists, right on your watch!

TapXR unlocks new possibilities for smart watch productivity.


Frequently Asked Questions

The excitement around TapXR is huge, here are some common questions we get
1How Does TapXR Know What Commands I am Doing?
TapXR uses a combination of motion and visual sensors and AI to accurately detect finger taps.
2Does TapXR Store Any of My Tapping or Personal Data?
No. We don’t record or store any of your behavior or typing. The visual sensors within TapXR also do not store any data.
3Will the TapXR work with my Apple Watch?
Yes - TapXR works with all leading Smartwatches including the Apple Watch.
4Which TapXR size is right for me?
The large TapXR fits a wrist circumference of 16CM (6 and 1/4 inches) and up. Below that is a size small.
5If I order now - when will I get my unit?
Production for the TapXR is happening now. We expect to ship the first units in Q1 of 2023 or sooner!
6Can I buy TapXR on Amazon?
Yes both TapXR and Tap Strap 2 are available to purchase on Amazon.