Designers & Animators are calling it their "Secret Weapon"

Meet TapXR

The wristband that gives tablet artists cyborg super powers allowing them to select tools, jump between layers, navigate menus and trigger commands like Tony Stark.

Reviewers all agree:

"TapXR is a must have for tablet artists...!"

Jedi Power, On Your Wrist!

"The force is strong with this one..."

If there is one thing all creative people in the world absolutely HATE is being bogged down by poor, complicated, hard to navigate UI. 

TapXR lets you customize your UX for any professional software and environment you use.

It's time to upgrade your game!

Replace touching your tablet screen each time you want to switch tools with a simple finger tap that you can do on any surface, in any setting.

But wait, there's more...


Month Warranty

If, by any chance, we shipped you a defective unit, we will replace it within the first 12 months 100% free of charge!

Reasons People Won't Order TapXR

Mediocre artist say mediocre things. We of course encourage you to be spectacular.
1"I simply don't want to learn something new"
I love sticking to what I know even if it means staying behind, loosing precious time and potential clients.
2"Where are the buttons?!"
How will I know what to press if I cant see the buttons?!
3"I LOVE touching the screen and getting it all smudgy!"
Said no one, ever.
4"This will never take off because it has no buttons"
Said Steve Balmer, then CEO of Microsoft about Apple's iPhone launch in 2007

Extract immediate value moments after unboxing


Works with any device and every software


Reduce time wasted on tool hopping by up to 60%


The average designer earns $50 per hour and spends 100 hours per month designing. If you can save up to 60 hours per month on 'tool switching' you could potentially earn up-to to $3,000 more each month!


If you have not recouped your investment within the first month, simply return the device for a full refund, no questions asked!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee!