Struggling with typing on your old fashioned keyboard?

Meet TapXR.

Providing People With A Better, More Ergonomic & Easier Way To Type, Text & Activate Keyboard Commands Is What We Do.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee • 12 Month Warranty

Proven Input Method

Faster Than QWERTY

Easier To Perform

100% Discrete

So, Why TapXR?

Let's face it - the QWERTY keyboard is not only 150 years old, it was also optimized to keep keys from getting stuck, not make it easier for you to type!

That's Where TapXR comes in.

TapXr is the first ever wrist wearable that was designed around what we people love doing the most - simple finger taps. TapXR was trained to understand intuitive finger taps and turn them into keyboard commands. Letting you type, activate and navigate your devices with ease.

TapXR Is The Secret To Your Business Success

It’s the difference between the 3,929,999,999 people that stick to QWERTY, and the .000000002% that move forward!

Without TapXR

  • Same boring keyboard layout everywhere you go
  • Requires a dedicated keyboard for each device you have
  • Slow, finger pecking for the right key
  • Lots of input errors
  • Frustrating

With TapXR

  • 100% customizable - make your own custom layout!
  • A single input method to control all of your devices
  • Fast, single handed input
  • 99% accuracy
  • Opposite of Frustrating

Do You Like Feeling The Opposite Of Frustrating?

Then Shop TapXR Today!

TapXR Gives Your Intuitive Taps New Meaning!

We're the creators of the original wearable keyboard and mouse and the first ever to get people from all over the world the ability to type simply by tapping on any surface.

If you've ever seen someone magically type without having to click on a keys, buttons or tap screens... you've probably seen Tap in action.

But That's Not All TapXR Does...

TapXR Gives You Everything You Need To Create, Control & Activate Any Type Of Content

All In One Convenient Wearable!

TapXR is...

Your Keyboard

Packed with 150+ distinct finger gestures, TapXR supports all of your keyboard commands out of the box!

Instead of hunting and pecking for keys on your QWERTY layouts, TapXR provides you with with a unique "Learn once, use forever" typing experience.

Instead of having to adjust to each new device's keyboard layout, once you start typing with Tap, you can input into your TV, Projector, VR, Smartphone, Tablet and PC exactly the same way!

More over - you have complete control over which finger combination triggers what key. If you would like you can limit your TapXR to input as little as 1 key or map complex key-binds to simple one finger taps.

This ability in particular is one of the most sought after feature among gamers and professional software users.

TapXR is...

Your Controller

Navigating menus, scrolling through and activating content has never been easier!

Controlling galleries of content is seemingly a very simple operation - you can typically only move up, down left, right, select and go back. 

The problem is that most controllers are slow and frustrating to operate. With TapXR you can simply tap your fingers to move through galleries quicker and easier than ever before.

We even include simple taps for hot keys that will take you back to the home, clear your search and more!

TapXR is...

Your Mouse

6 Degrees of freedom, no surface needed!

It's hard to describe how magical it feels to be able to moving a courser across a screen simply by moving your hand.

Then, pinching your thumb and index fingers to select the object or activate content.

It's actually so magical, that Apple is leading with that gesture on their Apple Watch 9 and Apple Vision Pro products.

TapXR lets you enjoy that gesture and more but with any device!

TapXR Gives You Everything You Need To Create, Control & Activate Any Type Of Content

Plus 2,500+ TapMaps To Get You Started!

Order TapXR Today & Witness The Awesomeness For Yourself

30 Day Money Back Guarantee • 12 Month Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I have to pay for firmware updaates?
No! We release firmware updates regularly and they are included with your purchase!
2Do I have to pay for TapMaps?
No! TapMaps and the TapMapper Tool are 100% Free to use!
3Do I have to buy 2 units? One for Each Hand?
No, A single TapXR unit is more than enough.
4If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! You are invited to join our discord server & Facebook group where you can chat with other Tappers. You can also contact our staff by email, text and WhatsApp or use our live chat!
5Can I use TapXR with my favorite apps and devices?
Yes, TapXR identifies itself as a Bluetooth keyboard, so you should be able to use TapXR with anything that you can pair a QWERTY keyboard with.