Meet the TAP Founders

dovid schick and sabrina kemeny - founders of Tap

The TAP wearable keyboard— a revolutionary device that converts finger taps into text, is the brainchild of prominent inventor and entrepreneur Dovid Schick, who later recruited his wife, distinguished engineer Sabrina Kemeny,  to help him make Tap a reality.

Dovid and Sabrina first met as businesses associates when they were leading their own ventures: Dovid as CEO of Schick Technologies Inc. and Sabrina as CEO of Photobit Corporation. Although their families and companies were on opposite coasts, their commitment to each other carried them through the distance over many years.  It is with this same fortitude, gratitude and perseverance that they approach this new chapter of their lives: To bring a new input paradigm to life.

As co-founders of Tap Systems,  their vision doesn’t end with typing. They foresee a near-future where Tap technology is being used in a broader and more varied set of circumstances: an artist digitally composing music on a folded knee, or an avid gamer using Tap to navigate complex systems while on-the-go. Tap is defining the standard for the new input modality that will be used in virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality.

Sabrina and David each bring with them unique experiences that are transforming the world of data input in the wearable space:

Dr. Sabrina Kemeny, Co-founder

While working for Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dr. Kemeny co-invented the camera-on-a-chip technology which revolutionized digital imaging and is at the core of every cell phone camera. The United States Space Foundation later inducted her into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for this pioneering work.  Subsequently, she served as co-founder and CEO of Photobit Corporation, the company that successfully commercialized the fledgling CMOS sensor technology. After managing several rounds of equity financing and negotiating strategic alliances with players like Kodak, Intel and Hitachi, she oversaw the acquisition of Photobit to Micron Technology Inc.

Earlier in her career, while working for Ford Aerospace & Communications, she designed the linear CCD sensor flown on the 1990 Mars Observer mission. She is a recipient of the Helena Rubinstein “Outstanding Women in Science” award, has published more than 20 technical papers and holds nine patents. Sabrina is a graduate of Columbia University, where she received her Ph.D. in electrical engineering. A native New Yorker, she began her career as a registered nurse and now lives in Los Angeles.

Dovid Schick, CEO & Co-founder

Dovid Schick is an Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur.  He is the founder and former CEO of Schick Technologies, Inc., the first company to commercialize a real-time digital radiology system for dentists.

Mr. Schick took the company public in 1997, and it merged with Sirona Dental Systems in 2005. Since retiring from Schick Technologies, Dovid has advised numerous technology companies in the areas of semiconductors, digital imaging, medical devices and software. Originally from Maryland, he now resides in Los Angeles.

As pioneers in a growing industry, Tap Systems and its founders welcome your thoughts and feedback with regards to future development. We invite you to join the conversation on our Facebook page or contact us directly on our website.