Tap User Projects

Reaching 70 WPM with 1 Hand!

One of our awesome tappers achieving 70 WPM with just one hand. You can Tap up to 100 WPM with just one hand and one tap device.

Reaching 84 WPM with 2 Tap Straps

Tapper Felix showing off his two-handed tapping skills at 84 WPM. You can use one or two taps to control your devices with incredible speed and accuracy.

AR Menu Selection

Typing in AR

AR Menu Navigation 

Playing Piano in AR

HackCU VI Winners: Hand Of God – IOT AirGestures

The Hand of God is a project that uses the Tap Strap 2 to allow users to point at Internet of Things devices such as lights and speakers and control them with hand gestures. Won 1st place for Tap and 2nd place overall at HackCU 2020.

More info about Hand of God: https://devpost.com/software/hand-of-god-tdjxr8

Hand of God source code: https://github.com/The-Hand-of-God

Carnegie Melon University’s Project Houdini

Carnegie Melon University’s Project Houdini is a discovery project working with Tap. The goal of the project was to explore the innovative use scenarios where Tap serves either as a standalone product or part of an integrated system including but not limited to integration with AR/VR devices. The project aimed to explore user’s input behavior and interpret that behavior into new experiences by creating multiple prototypes.

See their projects here: https://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/houdini/

Animator Yun Sung-won Animates On The Subway

Yun uses shortcut keys when working with animations to allow him to work in a standing position. This is especially helpful when working on the subway by holding his tablet while wearing his Tap in one hand and a drawing pencil in his other hand.
In this video, Yun demonstrates his technique and even animates a character in this pose. He uses his Tap to activate frame shortcuts to save time.

Eloi Stree Triggers Fireworks

In this video Eloi Stree demonstrates how he triggers fireworks using his:

Tap Strap 1 + Unity3D + Bluetooth HC06 +Arduino + Relay == Big Badda Boum

Access his code by contacting him on: https://eloistree.com

Liu Chang’s Sky of Echoes

Sky of Echoes is an audio game created by Project Houdini. Taps are used to pilot a ship, collect space junk, gather information and progress the story. Without spoiling too much, players can activate multiple endings based on their choices.
Learn more and download the script here: https://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/houdini/index.php/2019/05/06/sky-of-echoes/

Eloi Stree Triggers Fireworks

In this video, Aaron K describse a very real and common condition that effects music producers and anyone who works on a computer for long hours per day. This video provides one possible solution to help avoid nerve damage conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. It’s all about staying healthy in the studio!

Download His TAP Map here https://map.tapwithus.com/tapmap/f7JLiAwGV5kSycau

Erhan Q. Tap Promethean Project

Tapper Erhan Q creates custom experience allowing users to activate a color hot zone on a screen. Each finger controls a different color, each tap he make ignites a hot zone.

Erhan Q. Learns Piano Scale’s with Tap

Tapper Erhan Q demonstrates how he mapped his Tap to replicate a piano keyboard. Follow along as he shows how you can play an entire scale by tapping different fingers at different locations.

Turn any surface into a piano!

XINK3R Webtoon Animates With Tap

Similiar to Yun – Tapper Xink3r uses custom shortcuts to switch between frames and animation tool settings. Tap helps both animators to animate more freely and efficiently without having to waste time switching between frames and animation tool settings.


Zach Qattan Traverses Trees & Explores Grammar

Use Tree Board: https://tap-strap.glitch.me/