Welcome to the World of TAP!

hand wearing tap on couch

The world of typing and interacting with smart devices is about to change with the launch of the revolutionary one-handed TAP keyboard. The wearable device converts your finger movements into letters, punctuation and symbols, so you can  tap out messages using any surface as a virtual keyboard… even the top of your head!

The TAP Strap wearable keyboard is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including VR headsets, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers.  It is made of a soft, flexible, smart-textile which embeds an advanced sensing system into a small, comfortable strap that can be worn on either hand or on both for two-handed tapping. 

TAP has a 99 percent accuracy through strong predictive text elements. The Tap Strap is also an alternative to voice control, and by using finger movements  to type messages, it enables a more private way of communicating.

The TAP Strap will also change the way we use VR headsets. Anyone who has tried typing on the Gear VR knows how time consuming and laborious the process can be and how you have to look at each individual character on the screen to type. By wearing the TAP Strap, you can tap out commands on your leg or any nearby surface. It also solves the problem of typing on those tiny smartwatch screens.

The TAP keyboard will also provide a unique solution for visually impaired users who can now communicate on mobile devices with the speed and ease of the rest of the world. 

There is no laser-projected keyboard or visual prompt to guide you. It’s all done by using finger movements  to relay characters or numbers on your screen, including punctuation marks and special characters.

TAP is easy to learn by using the TapGenius App,  a mnemonic-based learning system which combines musical and visual tutorials with a fun and engaging game that will teach you how to TAP in about  in approximately one hour!

The TAP keyboard is currently under production and will begin taking orders very soon. Join the waitlist to secure your place in line and get your hands on the revolutionary device before it becomes available to the general public.